What is Petya Ransomware?

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What is Petya Ransomware?

If you thought you had seen the last of malware in WannaCry, you are in for a big surprise. To begin with, if you have no idea what I am talking about, WannaCry is a virus that infected many computers across Europe last June. The virus made various computer owners to lose personal files and data. Now, Petya Ransomware is another of the malware that is attacking various computers across Europe and other parts of the world. First, it was reported in Ukraine and a week later, it was reported in Spain. It did not take long before it was reported in Israel, the UK, Netherlands and now the USA.

What are the effects of Petya Ransomware?

This deadly computer virus has already caused more damage than it was anticipated when it was first reported. It hit places such as numerous reputable industries, government institutions, shipping firms and even petroleum companies.

The virus targets places of human interests such as gas stations, bus stations and airports. According to reports, the person who created the virus (probably a “state actor” according to NATO cyber security groups) aims at sabotaging government IT systems.

According to other IT experts, they claim that the creator of the Petya Ransomware aims at making money. For instance, all the people whose computers have been affected were required to pay $300 bitcoin fee in order to decrypt the affected files.

How does Petya Ransomware spread?

According to research and some of the people who have been affected by virus say that the virus locks the computers and encrypting all the files in them. Like WannaCry, this malware spreads by exploiting the various Microsoft products. Not long ago, Security Response took to Twitter to also echo the same sentiments. In the tweet, it states “Symantec analysts have confirmed Petya Ransomware like WannaCry is using EnternalBlue exploit to spread”.

How can you avoid Petya Ransomware?

According to data recovery experts, you can prevent your computer from this malware by making sure that your apps are up to date. This is because the viruses spread by taking advantage of out of date applications in your computer. In addition, you can avoid this by not opening emails or attachments without having prior knowledge of its origin. Always scan your computer and your emails for any sign of malware too.


Petya Ransomware is the latest malware affecting computers all over the world. It started as a joke but now it has already hit prominent computers including the one belong to the office of the president of Russia. You can keep your computer safe from this malware by enduring all your programs are updated, scanning your computer for possible threats and being careful when opening emails.